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5 June 2020

Young peregrine falcons grow up in chimney AEB

Young peregrine falcons grow up in chimney AEB

At the beginning of May at least three peregrine falcons were born in the nesting box in the chimney of AEB.


The young have been spotted by Paul Marcus, who studies birds of prey in the vicinity of Amsterdam. "I try to follow the falcons from the ground and determine if they are breeding. This year there are at least three young birds. The youngsters are on their way out. After hatching the young will stay with their parents for another two months or so".


Most chicks that fly for the first time, fly a little bit and then return to the nest. But a few years ago, an AEB falcon made an enormous flight.  It was carried away by the strong northwest wind and landed on the ABN-AMRO building in Buitenveldert. There also happened to be a nest of peregrine falcons. The small AEB falcon joined the youngsters of the ABN nest and was fully accepted.


The peregrine falcons are regular guests of AEB. Since 2008 they breed in the chimney in a birdcage.

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